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who am I?

Hey–I’m Doug, email marketer and ex-Mailchimp pro 🐒

I’ve been in the email game for 20 years, running a successful email agency and consulting with some of the biggest brands.

I’ve been featured in…

Back in 2005, I kickstarted MailNinja – one of the first 💯 email marketing agencies.

I recruited a stealthy team of email marketing ninjas and started growing my little empire.

(this is me!)

In 2012, Mailchimp added me to their experts directory.

Whoohoo! 🎉

Fast forward a few years and I’m the #1 Mailchimp expert in the world.

Ranked 1 of 900+ experts across the world.

How did that happen?

In 2019 I ran a few Meetups for Mailchimp in London.

Watch it here

Mailchimp call me Dr Email 🤣

Take a looksee

Mailchimp flew me over to Atlanta to meet the founders Ben & Dan, and discuss a 1-on-1 partnership.


Stuff I’m working on…

Check out the stuff I’m launching below:

strobe – transactional email for Stripe users 🔵

dojomailer – email marketing from $7 per month! 💰

wizzybay – a hosted MailWizz solution for big senders!

email previewer – design & build your emails, 100% free 🆓

emailninja – the email growth app for solopreneurs ⚡ – create simple video courses

create better emails – 2 hour email marketing course

email marketing playbook – 224 page email marketing ebook

roast my email – free email roasts by Doug Dennison

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